Neurofeedback: Unleash the Power of Your Brain

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We learn destructive ways of interpreting the world around us through life events, some of which are highly stressful.

What if there was a way to teach to your brain to overcome the negative patterns that have been learned over the years?

No matter what the cause of the symptom; anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, brain fog, poor concentration, there is a tool that can teach your brain to not go to the extreme ranges called Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is a technique that has been used for nearly 40 years in the psychology field but in the last 10-years Neurofeedback has made its way into the Functional Medicine world. It’s proven clinical method not only impacts the brain it addresses emotional issues.

Brain training is based on two technologies: Neurofeedback and Entrainment – optic stimulation. When these are combined together, people can see changes in their symptoms in one or two visits. The premise of how Neurofeedback works, is that it teaches the brain to stay in a different range that it falls into when it’s having the symptoms that are affecting the person. It does this on a feedback-reward system.

A Brain Map, a Quantitative EEG, is the foundation of knowing exactly where the imbalances in the brain are located. The brain map in a non-invasive test where the electrical activity of the brain is monitored and compared to a normative database of over 160,000 brains. After reviewing the brain map a specific protocol is determined and treatment is started to show the brain another way to respond to different situations. In 2013 the brain map was approved as a diagnostic tool by the FDA.


Neuroregeneration occurs when the brain starts healing and reversing the damage that has taken place. Neurodegeration can take place from many sources – head trauma, seizures, strokes, elevated blood sugar, PTSD, Lyme, mold toxicity, and many others. Research shows that after going through brain training there is an increase in the amount of white and grey matter in the brain, meaning that more neurons have been created during this process. That is the main reason we are able to get such phenomenal results with patients that have had head injuries and help bring their lives back to a level of normalcy.

There are many other adjunctive tools including dietary changes and supplements that can help speed up your recovery of the neurological system that your experts at The Healing Gardens can help guide you through.

The first place to find out if Neurofeedback is the right treatment for you, is to schedule a Brain Map with F8 Well Centers.

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