Neurofeedback is a groundbreaking treatment that can both assess and treat brainwave activity. This treatment can reorganize and retrain brainwaves to treat neurological and mental health disorders.

What is a Brain Map and Why Do We Use Them?

The brain map is an FDA approved QEEG, which means Qualitative Electroencephalogram. It is just like an EKG for the heart which reads the electrical activity of the heart. The brain map reads the electrical waves of the brain in the regions that we place the receptors. Our program then sends us a colorful assessment of what it has found, which shows us what regions of the brain are over or under active. These results direct our treatment plan.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Once we assess what protocol we need to start with based on the brain map our patients start treatment by coming in for bi-weekly sessions. During the treatment they will sit in a comfy chair facing a television and we connect the electrodes while picking out a movie or television show to watch for the treatment. The first electrodes are placed on the ears for grounding and the second ones are placed in the region of the brain that we want to direct treatment, generally the frontal lobe at the top of the forehead. Once these are set up we hand the patient some glasses which are set to pulse at a certain frequency depending on their protocol. The technician then sets the computer to the protocol we are working on and this will affect the playback on the TV. As the patient sits and watches their favorite show the computer is reading the brain waves through the electrodes. When the patient’s brain goes into a brain wave pattern that is not favorable the screen will get darker and the sound will get quieter. The brain does not like this because it wants the reward of the show so it will start changing patterns until it finds the one we are training for. When it starts firing in the way that we want it to the computer will return the screen and sound to normal function. Soon the brain begins to learn that it gets rewarded when it stays in the range we are training for.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With Neurofeedback

Chronic fight or flight




Brain injuries



And so many more!

Benefits of Using Neurofeedback with Functional Medicine

When we were deciding which therapies provide the most benefit to patients’ health along with our functional medicine program neurofeedback was the one therapy that Dr Galyardt has found to be a huge needle mover for patient outcome. When a patient comes to us with chronic inflammatory issues there is generally an underlying blood sugar/ adrenal component. With Functional Medicine we will address the adrenals, gut health, blood sugar imbalances, liver health and food issues but if the patient is in chronic fight or flight the adrenals are going to continue being triggered to release cortisol. By training the brain to stay in a healthier range we are able to address the entire health of each patient .

What if I am working with F8 Remotely?

If you do not live close to one of our home offices we now have Home Units that can be purchased for use at home. These units are affordable and can then be used by the whole family and as often as you choose to use them.

F8 Well Centers Difference 

At F8, we approach each individual, as just that, an individual. We create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve an overall better quality of life. We treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, which is what sets us apart.

We always begin treatment by assessing each patient’s overall health, lifestyle, and their concerns. We start with lab work to learn about your needs and create a plan of action from there. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, migraines, or addiction, neurofeedback therapy may be able to help you. If you’ve tried everything else and are losing hope, please don’t. We can help!

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