My Top Health Hacks

In the health space, you often hear the term ‘health hack’. There are small, but foundation tips that can make a big difference in your health when you start utilizing them every day. In this email, you’ll see some of my top ‘health hacks’ that we use every day with our family, our team, and our patients. Start some of these today and I guarantee, your health status will change!

#1 – Get in the sun!

Yes, you need actual sunlight. So many people are not outside getting the sunlight and fresh air they need. When our bodies are exposed to sunlight, we create and utilize Vitamin A, vitamin D, and Melatonin. If you are not getting quality sleep, getting out into the sun can help tremendously. The best time to be outdoors is between 11-1 for optimal vitamin D synthesis. If you can’t get outside, you may try occasionally using a tanning bed to help boost these benefits.

#2 – Stabilize blood sugar.

This is one of the most important health hacks and the foundation of care here at F8. The benefits of stabilizing blood sugar goes beyond just reducing the risk for diabetes, it also lowers your risk for many chronic health issues such as; Alzheimer’s, autoimmune, and inflammation. If you are already dealing with health issues, stabilizing your blood sugar should be the first thing you start working on. And, it can actually help reverse 90% of chronic health issues. At F8, we recommend your blood sugar stay between 85-110 all day whether you’ve eaten or not. If you are swinging more than 30 points, it is vital to start monitoring and change what foods are triggering swings for you.

#3 – Exercise and movement.

These two things may seem the same, but are actually very different. Movement is something we simply need to be doing every day…If you have a sedentary job, find a way to get some extra movement in. You might try a walking pad, or try working from a standing desk. While standing, you can incorporate some walking or marching in place to get your body moving.

Exercise is when we are actually elevating our heart rate. We recommend monitoring your heart rate and staying within a health range (180 minus your age). This ensures that you are increasing cardiovascular strength gradually and not stressing your body. Muscle contraction is another key component of exercise that really packs a punch when it comes to disease prevention and blood sugar stabilization. Overall, exercise is crucial for brain and immune function.

#4 – Make sure you are getting enough protein.

Most patients we see at F8 are not getting enough protein in their diet. If you want to maintain muscle mass as you age, bulking up your protein intake is vital. This only increases if you are working out, which tears down muscle as you build. I recommend at least 30 grams of quality grass-fed protein at each meal.

#5 – Optimal Sleep.

This is something we work on with every patient at F8 because quality sleep is foundational for optimal health. Sleep is when our bodies repair, which is even more important if you are dealing with chronic illness.

A recap on sleep hygiene:

Use black-out curtains

Try a white noise machine or noise filters

Sleep cool (room temp around 65)

No screens at least one hour before bed

Use a massage gun or chair to help your body relax before sleep

Sauna or Infrared Sauna

#6 – Poop every day

This may seem like an obvious health hack, but daily elimination is paramount when it comes to overall health. If you are not going daily, your body is holding on to waste products and even re-circulating those toxins. You have to get the bad out.

#7 – Nourish your brain.

You can never replace your brain… It seems obvious, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that taking care of our brain ensures that we can live life optimally as we age. Diet is one of the main ways we do this.

The foods you are eating do have a direct effect on your brain health. Make sure to include nourishing foods that help stabilize blood sugar and provide the nutrients your body needs. Foods to avoid which would be processed foods, or anything made with refined flours and artificial sweeteners and preservatives. In addition, avoid all processed fats like hydrogenated oils, margarine and trans fats. These fats have been chemically altered and are detrimental to the body. Instead, choose wholesome foods that are in their most natural state like fresh fruits and vegetables, humanely raised meats and seafood, real fats, grass-fed dairy and properly prepared and unprocessed grains.

If you’re ready to jump start your health journey, start these health hacks today!

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