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At F8 Well Centers, we focus on taking care of people with challenging health problems. Many of our patients have tried a large array of treatments with little or no success. We thrive with these cases – it’s our sweet spot in patient care.

For this reason, we are very selective about the patients that we accept into the F8 Well Centers. Not all patients qualify for our care programs, as we will only work with patients who are highly motivated and committed to getting well.

Steps in Becoming an F8 Patient:

  1. Input your information below and our New Patient Coordinator will contact you to answer any questions and get you scheduled for your first visits.
  2. During your new patient visit we will perform a comprehensive exam which includes neurological and metabolic testing with the doctor, as well as blood draw and brain map.
  3. At the Report of Findings we will review your health history, intake form, and all previous medical records, if you have any, as well as the results of the comprehensive blood panel and brain map and talk about what our recommended course of action is.
New Patient Form

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