Is Your Shoulder Pain All In Your Head?

woman rising her left hand on wheat field

Technically speaking– yes!

No, it is not imaginary, it is your brain restricting the range of motion. The vast majority of frozen shoulder/restricted shoulders can be fixed quickly when we can convince the brain to finally let go of the thought that there is a trauma still going on in the joint.

The brain does not know if the issue just happened six minutes ago or six years ago. With the Trigenics shoulder procedure we are able to quickly and precisely convince the brain to let go of the restriction that it has developed over time.

Once the change takes place to the range of motion in the shoulder then true healing can begin. It is amazing how often after we release a patient’s shoulder and have them raise their arm, they get a huge smile on their face. They will raise the arm to the position that it normally would stop at and then keep going and going. Increasing the range of motion is only the first step.

Specific rehab for the shoulder starts next, including cold laser to rebuild cartilage, PEMF to recharge the muscle cells, and acupuncture to increase blood lymphatic and blood flow.

As people’s shoulders heal, the thing we hear the most is “Wow, that was fast and easy!” We just have to get your brain to believe it can happen.

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