Dr Jake Walden

Dr Jake Walden

Clinic Doctor

Dr Walden is a board-certified Chiropractic physician. He graduated magna cum lauda from Life University in Marietta GA. He completed his Medical Laboratory Science undergraduate work at Weber State University. He has hundreds of hours of post-doctoral training in Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, and Neuroscience. He is currently pursuing advanced diplomat certification in those fields. Dr Walden’s first career was working in a National Reference Lab in Trace and Toxic Elements as well as Research and Development of inductively coupled mass spectrometry testing. His role was not only to develop and validate testing, but also to provide consultation to doctors on how to read/interpret data and results to treat patients. This foundational work has given Dr Walden an in-depth background to read, interpret, and apply diagnostic testing at a very high level.

Dr Walden then decided to change careers and work with patients for himself. He attended chiropractic school and graduated an entire year early. His first work assignment was at the Utah Spine and Brain Clinic where he started gaining clinical experience for his pursuit of post-doctoral neuroscience and functional medicine studies. He worked with traumatic brain injury cases, developmental disorders, degenerative disorders, and many different chronic diseases.

Following this Dr Walden had the opportunity to fulfill a longtime dream of living and working in Alaska. He found himself on a small island in Southeast Alaska with an underserved population. He ran a broad scope of general practices. He dealt with everything from aches and sprains, to POTS, to ADD, to infertility, and many others. He worked extensively with doctors and other health care workers to bring sufficient care to that island. Over Dr Walden’s history in practice complex chronic disease cases have become more prevalent in his office. He comes from a family where chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases have been the demise of nearly all his progenitors. He has decided to embrace the challenge of helping people with neurologic, inflammatory, chronic, autoimmune, and degenerative disorders. Dr Walden personally fights the battle of chronic disease from a young age. When he was a young child his colon telescoped up inside himself and burst open. After 9 hours of emergency surgery, he had a significant portion of his digestive tract and organs removed or severely damaged. Dr Walden has had to live a life that requires focus and effort to wort off major disease processes from setting in. It is a deep passion for him to help others see that the human body is the pinnacle of creation and has the potential for great change and healing is the effort and proper steps are taken. From Yoga and Pilates to cross-training and Olympic lifting, Dr Walden has been trained in and practiced almost every major modality of exercise and incorporates that experience into treating his patients.

He loves the outdoors, hunting, and anything that gets him outside.

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