Michelle B. Galyardt, M.S.

Michelle B. Galyardt, M.S.

Founder of MindCore Method
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Michelle is a Life Empowerment Coach, exercise professional, author, and motivational speaker working with individuals, groups, and online programs to help empower people to make positive changes for their health and mentality.

After being a competitive gymnast for 14 years, Michelle went to Syracuse University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health and Exercise Science as well a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology. She is a Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist (MAT), and taught yoga and Pilates for 15 years before becoming a Certified Level One Crossfit Trainer.

Michelle has always had a fascination with the way the mind works and how people interact in relationships, which is why she did her extensive training as a Life Transformation and Relationship coach. She uses her knowledge and training as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Hypnotherapy, Dream Sculpting, Time Line Therapy and Past Life Regression to help people deal with trauma and fears.

Michelle is the creator of MindCore®, and the MindCore Method, a technique which incorporates her belief that true health is created with the way we think. As the name implies, she believes that the Mind is at the Core of all healing and true health. Our Mentality Creates our Reality. After escaping from her own victim mentality, Michelle recognizes and relates to those who let their mind control their life in a negative way and helps them flip that switch to healthy thinking.

Michelle is also the mother of four growing boys. When she is not helping to educate and empower the world she is spending time with her family in their Colorado lake house. Her boys enjoy everything that can be done in the Colorado outdoors…travel, camping, hiking, tenkara fly fishing, archery and shooting. She enjoys working out with her husband in their gym and escaping to the ocean when she can.

She believes that true health and empowerment comes from within and is achievable for everyone.

She is the author of the book The MindCore Workout: Interval Train for a Healthy Brain as well as her second edition Interval Train for a Healthy Brain

She combined her experience as both a patient who recovered from serious cognitive decline, as well as an exercise professional to create The MindCore Method.

Michelle recently released Interval Train for a Healthy Brain, a cutting edge book on interval training scientifically designed to boost your brain function and feel your best.

  • Certifcations and Trainings include:
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science
  • Masters of Science in Health and Exercise Science/Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
  • Certified Level One Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified Method Pilates Instructor
  • Neuro Lingusitiscs Programming Life Coach Master Practitioner
  • NLP Life and Communication Specialist
  • Certified Personal Coach
  • Life Transformation Coach
  • Certified Dreamsculpting Practitioner
  • Timeline Coach & Trauma Release Specialist
  • Cognitive Behavior Certification
  • Functional Nutritionst

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