Sausen Hilweh-Sihweil

Sausen Hilweh-Sihweil

Metabolic Coordinator

Sausen currently holds a Master of Science in nutrition and human performance and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. With the strong desire to gain insight into the root causes of disease, bio-individuality, and how to apply and integrate nutrition science in a clinical setting, she expanded on her formal education by completing a certification program in functional nutrition. Through her experience as former educator in early childhood and social services, she learned the importance of health and how it can impact our well-being, growth, and development. As one of the members of the Illinois School Nutrition Association, she is committed to establishing a foundation for a healthier lifestyle in our youth.

The application of functional nutrition helps gap the bridge between conventional and alternative treatment. Rather than in isolation, it works in tandem with health outcomes and medical support. Food is the fundamental component to optimal health and can be the largest contributor to adverse outcomes. Sausen utilizes a systems-based approach and considers the interrelations of every organ system with the strong belief that “everything is connected, everything matters.” With a holistic health prospective, she works to identify various factors and underlying issues that uniquely impacts people differently. The ideal dietary strategy will consider the individual and their specific health concerns. The goal is to empower and educate patients about their behavior and lifestyle to help combat chronic illness and improve quality of life. The personalization of therapeutic dietary plans helps restore nutritional sufficiency with an emphasis on sustainability. With the strong consideration that nutrition and energy requirements change over the lifespan, there are many other factors to consider. The health of our digestive system and gut microbiome has a regulatory role in host health by impacting all organ systems in the body. This includes immunomodulation, neurological function, hormone regulation and more. Sausen believes her role is to support the patient in various ways that will allow the body to heal itself. 

With the implementation of behavioral modification techniques and education, patients will learn to establish new routines and habits that will help them achieve optimal health outcomes. With a focus on the body as a whole ecosystem, Sausen is fully dedicated to help each patient transform their energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

She loves helping patients using her training in the Galyardt Method of Functional Medicine

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