Stephanie Sleight

Stephanie Sleight

Neurofeedback Director

Stephanie is a believer in the powerful healing ability of the body when mind, body, and spirit are in balance. Becoming a wife and mother of two taught her how empowering it could be to learn new, more natural ways of staying well. Once she was introduced to more integrative therapies, she sought out higher education to expand her knowledge in ways she felt were going to benefit her family and anyone else she worked with in a more powerful way.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Front Range Community College with an A.A.S. in Integrative Health Professionals in May of 2019. She also received a certificate in Aromatherapy and training in Reiki and High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure at Front Range Community College.

Once graduated she began searching for the right place to put her new knowledge to work and fulfill what she believes to be her life purpose of empowering others in their health journeys. Her search brought her here, where she now administers the Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG sessions. She is continuing her education in Neurofeedback through webinars from the Clear Mind Center.

As well as being a wife and mother to two children, she also loves to have animals in her life. Currently she has three horses, a cat, and three chickens on her small acreage. She also hopes to begin growing her own organic food at home so she can incorporate the new habits she is learning from her colleagues into her life.

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